Cafe Raw

9 May

Last Saturday I went to Cafe Raw on Derry Street in Gradens.

It has a very clean and fresh look to it. It has great tables outside for a good day, which we had. The place was full and full of very young people, and it had a good buzz about it. The owner is a young lady and that is probably the reason it was mainly a younger crowd. When we went for lunch it had only been open two weeks, so I am sure they are still finding their feet .

This is not a fully vegetarian restaurant but does have vegetarian options in the form of salads, wraps and sandwiches. I had a sandwich, it seems like I am always having sandwiches! It was very small and they were not very generous with their ingredients, but it was a tasty meal more like a snack. It was served on rye bread they did not have whole wheat, I think they just did not have in stock. My infamous lunch partner had a shrimp noodle dish which looked really good, not a lot of sauces very plain and a good balance of ingredients. He had a few glasses of wine which he said were great.

The service was good, the servers were really friendly and knew the menu well, which is sometimes not the case. Everyone who work there had great interactions skills.

There are options for a vegetarian at Cafe Raw but not that many exciting ones. Overall very good atmosphere and trendy vibe. Would not go there if I was hungry, it was more of a snack. Price was very reasonable around R55 a dish. The only thing stopping me from going back there is the portion size and the lack of wholesome veggie options. I would rather go there for a drink or a coffee for the good vibes.

I give Cafe Raw a 3 star rating.


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