9 May

Osumo is more of a fast food health orientated restaurant.

They have some veggie options. My favourite is the Roasted butternut and Danish feta sandwich on whole wheat, I usually ask them to leave off the feta and add butternut, this sandwich is AWESOME! It is a fair size, for R27 you cannot go wrong, it is a great deal and I highly recommend trying it!

They also offer a Roasted veg and hummus sandwich also very good but my favourite is the first sandwich.

These two options can be ordered as a warp, salad or sandwich.

The staff are all very friendly and they have their own little routine there where the lady taking the order says something a long the lines of new order ladies and then they all reply saying YEBO, so there is a nice little vibe amongst the workers there. What I really like is they have a sink where you can wash your hands with soap. This is something Kauai their competition does not offer. Small things like that make a huge difference when you are using your hands to eat. It shows they have thought the details through.

Great value for money, great sandwich!

There are lots of Osumo Restaurants so I have attached the link to their website so you can find the nearest one to you, enjoy !



One Response to “Osumo”

  1. veghunter May 12, 2010 at 10:19 pm #

    Prices recently went up at Osumo, BOO ! BOO !
    It was the only place you get a really awesome sandwich for under R30, no more !!! BOO AGAIN !!!!

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