Quensh Organic Deli

9 May

Saturday 8 May

Today was another adventurous day out looking for a great veggies restaurant. I heard about a place that had opened in Observatory called Quensh which was suppose to be a fully veggie and organic deli so I decided to go check it out as I have not come across a fully veg restaurant in close proximity of the CBD.

At first entering you get the feel of a small trendy and fresh clean organic space. The restaurants has about 5 or 6 tables so it does not seat many people. I have a little shop inside where you can purchase produce and baked products.

I ordered a green salad to start, this is where the serviced showed it took 25 minutes to come out, it seemed they were a little under staffed. When the salad came it was nicely presented.

For second course I ordered a butter bean and veg soup which was a good size portion and very tasty and so far I was impressed with food, the balance of ingredients seem very good.

Then for my main course I had an open faced vegetable sandwich with a variety of veggies and pesto source, it was a very good portion size maybe it just seemed bigger as I already had two courses. I thought the bread could have been a little more creative and healthy. A seeded whole grain loaf would have been better than the plain whole wheat bread which had a very white appearance to it giving me the feel it was not a proper whole wheat flour.

My lunch partner had a curry which looked great but did not have brown rice as an option which was a huge sore point for me, I think offering brown rice a proper whole wheat grain adds a lot of credibility to your cause as a veggie restaurant and they did not offer it. Also they used white potatoes instead of a better options such as sweet potatoes, again being a negative aspect for me. Small aspects such as these two ingredients are a huge factor in trying to create a truly healthy and hearty dish.

To drink I have two freshly squeezed juices to me this was the best the restaurant had to offer, the juices were really awesome, squeezed right in front of you. I had apple and pear mixture which I highly recommend.

Overall it was a good dining experience. Service could have been more efficient and they seemed to still be finding their feet and still in the learning phases. One of the very positive aspects was there produce was all very fresh and organic, all the breads were home made even though the selection was a little limited. Prices were good and very affordable average dish was about R45. I would definitely return hoping they had addressed some of their needed areas of attention.

I give this restaurant a 3 out 5, I have high standards and the service and lack of variety of grains brought its score down. Other than that was a great day out for lunch.

Tel: +27(0)21 447 0714
Fax: +27(0)86 630 7900
42 Lower Main Rd. Observatory


One Response to “Quensh Organic Deli”

  1. veghunter December 2, 2010 at 10:43 pm #

    So I recently went back to Quench, everything was much the same. They had not really improved on their service. The food was still pretty good. They seem to be a skimp of their portion sizes. I ordered a veggie stir fry this time and there were very little veggies on the dish.

    But over all it was a good experience, will be back!

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