Tibetan Tea House. Saturday 12 March

9 May

I was taking my girlfriend to Boulders Beach and some one suggested to visit the Tibetan Tea House.

From the outside it does not look like much and I was not expecting much but a good cup of Tibetan tea.

When we sat down they brought us the menu and it was suprisingly vegaterian and had amazing options. All dishes were served with brown rice which is a HUGE points in my book. I ordered a curry similar to the one I mentioned at Quensch but this curry was served with brown rice and sweet potatoes which made it the perfect dish for me. All their dishes were served with a the healthy ingredients for that dish such as brown rice instead of white rice, sweet poatatoes instead of white potatoes, a proper whole grain seeded loaf.

Their choice of ingredients was of high quality and you could see the person who created the menu knows their food and the importance of proper ingredients in order to create a marvelous dish.

It was a old house converted into a tea house and restuarant, with a big store inside with all sorts of Tibetan goodies. They had a small book collections in one of the rooms with a interesting selection. The service was great and the menu was awesome, it is the best menu so far that I have come across. The only thing stopping me from being a frequent eater is that is a 45 min drive from my house.

The average price for each dish was R55 which is very reasonable and definitely worth it for the quality and the portion size is very respectable to!

I give the restaurant 4 stars, the only downfall for me is that there was no real vibe, I am not sure if that is how it is suppose to be but a nice buzz or vibe would have been great. But there food was with out a doubt 5 stars, it was just awesome.


One Response to “Tibetan Tea House. Saturday 12 March”

  1. Doug Ziman May 12, 2010 at 9:36 pm #

    I agree with you that the dishes are interesting and tasty. I have been eating there for many years and especially enjoy their omelettes. Being a “ou ballie” the quiet vibe appeals to me. “VIVA” your blog. Doug Ziman

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