Col’Cacchio Pizzeria

12 May

I went to the Col Cacchio in Camps Bay.

It has an awesome view on Camps Bay beach and every Saturday you can also catch a fun game on soccer on the field across the way!

If you are going to eat a pizza this is the one I recommend, firstly because you can order it on a gluten free base, its a very thin base with not to much cheese. Normal pizzas have these thick bases with pounds of cheese.

You can get awesome veggie pizzas, my favorite is the Ortigiano it is SO GOOD, then there is the Verdue and many others, you can also make your own pizza and half one and the other half something else.
The salads are also awesome, fresh produce and great variety of ingredients and you can also customize your own salad to your liking.

They off whole wheat pasta which is great and you can also have some awesome veggie pasta dishes.

So over all this restaurant has a lot to offer all types of eaters and can cater to the health nut for sure and a great place to treat yourself to the occasional pizza if you are watching what you eat!

The service was not the best, could use some work but it is not the worst that I have experienced. In general service in restaurants is not great so you just have to hope to food is awesome to make up for it. So when I find a restaurant with great service and great food everyone will know about it !!

Prices are reasonable some items are a little pricey. Pizzas are on average R75, Salads R40, Pastas R60

I give it 4 stars because of its large selection and great tasting food and its awesome location looking right onto the beach, it lacks in the service department ! These restaurants are franchises so service varies depending on management.

Camps Bay: 021 438 2171


One Response to “Col’Cacchio Pizzeria”

  1. veghunter December 2, 2010 at 10:46 pm #

    Had a pizza recently, was amazing as usual! But the service was appalling!!!

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