Caveau Wine Bar and Deli (Heritage Square)

25 May

This Saturday I went to Caveau in Bree Street, it has a courtyard in the back which is very peaceful and cool place to dine. The restaurant was not very vegetarian friendly, but I found a roasted veggie salad which was very good just not very big.

The service was good and efficient. This seems like a restaurant that actually has a chef in the kitchen which usually is not the case in most restaurants, well at least around Cape Town. So the presentation of the food was excellent. They display their menu on a chalk board.

They have an extensive selection on wine, I had a desert wine which I cannot remember the name, not much of wine person. I also had a local beer called Jack Black which was really great, I recommend trying it!

It was reasonably priced, if you are really into food and wine this would be a great choice for you, not much for the vegetarian but I am sure they could whip you up something.

Seemed like a lot of people were just coming to have dessert, wine or coffee. It definitely was a good spot just to chill and kick back with a drink.

For my eating needs I would not rush back there, but then again my eating needs represent a tiny percentage of the population, so go check it out and enjoy!!!

Open Mon – Sat, 7am – 10pm.

92 Bree Street
Heritage Square
Cape Town

(t) +27 (21) 422 1367
(f) +27 (21) 422 1369


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