Ocean Basket, Sea Point

6 Jun

Hi Guys,

Went to Ocean Basket on Saturday, been there a few times, but now that I have a blog I can voice my opinion about it.

I do not want to be to harsh but this is one of the very less enjoyable restaurants I have been to. The setting is pretty average and extremely noisy being located on main road sea point. There are no vegetarian options, they have a side salad that is pretty sad its tomatoes, cucumber, onion, olive and feta it really is not great. If you order a piece of fish your only side options are yellow rice, chips or a tiny side salad. So even if you eat fish but are relatively healthy there is nothing to go with the fish and the fish is tiny so it is not a filling meal at all.

The service is very average, their bread is regular sliced bread. So over all not a great restaurant does not have much to offer from my perspective.

They have good specials and combo with fish, prawns calamari so if that is what you enjoy you could find yourself a good meal, all very saucy and fried so if health aint your thing, you might enjoy it, it just was not for me!

Will continue the hunt!

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