Doppio Zero, Green Point

10 Jul

Good Day Everyone,

Today I went to a restaurant called Doppio Zero. I had heard a lot of great things about this restaurant so I came in with fairly high expectations.

The restaurant is open plan so as you walk in you can see all the tables and everyone sitting in the restaurant. There is a great vibe, they have a fire place and TV’s set up all around the room, I guess this was mainly done for the world cup as they are right on the fan walk. How ever this set up creates a very noisy atmosphere, a little to noisy, you feel like you have to speak over everyone else.

From a service persepective it was very average, it took at least 10 minutes from the time we sat down for a waiter to approach the table. The service was just average there is  no real other way to describe, but very friendly and pleasant.

The menu has a large variety, they are definitely known for their pizzas, unfortuantely I was not in the mood for a pizza so I will have to go back and have their prized pizza in the next couple of weeks but they did look really delicious, I saw plenty pizzas zipping past me to other tables. To start we had a Doppio salad which was very good and a avo dish which was very average. For the main course I had an  opened faced sandwich with Mediterranean vegetables very similar to what I had at Cafe Roux, that is what I was trying to recreate, this item was not on the menu. My lunch partner had a spaghetti bolognaise which looked very average.

Nothing on the menu jumped out at me as being amazing. To be honest I left feeling a little disappointed with the meal. The veggie options are all pizzas and pastas. They have a wheat free base for pizza and occasionally according the manager they have whole wheat pasta when available.  They did have a veggie platter but just did not seem that healthy. Doppio had  a lot of veggie options but just not very healthy ones, that is where the problem is for me personally. For example Cafe Roux have lots of veggie options to and they are all very healthy. Doppio it is all pizzas, pastas and all very saucy. Don’t get me wrong all looked delicious but if you are trying to have a healthy lunch this might not be your best option. If you craving a great pizza that is healthier than most this is definitely the place.

Overall not a bad experience, friendly staff, good location, large menu with lots of options for the not so fussy!

Will definitely go back when I am in the mood for a pizza.

81 Main Road Green Point

021 434 9581

Monday thru Sunday 6.30- 23.00


2 Responses to “Doppio Zero, Green Point”

  1. VEGirl July 11, 2010 at 4:19 pm #

    ooooo… a wheat free pizza? Man that sounds good right now…

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