Does eating meat lead to weight gain?

28 Jul

The worst meat offender for weight gain was processed meat, which may be due to the nitrites, nitrates and other chemical preservatives they contain.

The team did admit, however, that participants self-reported their weights in the end, rather than be weighed in a clinical setting. And there could have been other variables responsible as well for the overall weight difference between the two groups.

But researchers still believe there is a link between meat consumption and overall weight gain, especially after discovering that, among people consuming the same exact number of calories, an extra eight or nine ounces of meat consumed every day accounts for a five-pound gain in weight over five years.

“In primates, animal food consumption is inversely related to body weight,” explain Michael T. Murray, N.D., and Josephy E. Pizzorno, N.D., in their book Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, Revised Second Edition. They believe eating meat affects human weight in a similar way to how it affects primates.

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by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer


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