O’Ways Tea cafe.

24 Feb

I recently heard good reviews about O’ways Tea Cafe in Claremont. A chef from one of Cape Town’s most popular restaurants Aubergine recently relocated to O’ways and I was interested to find out what it was all about.

As you walk in all the teas on the shelves catch your eye with a array of teas from all over the world. It is a fairly small restaurant but has a lot of character.

From the start the staff were very friendly and welcoming. Our server was excellent and very knowledgeable about the menu and all the teas. It was very refreshing to receive great service. The service was excellent through out the meal.

When it came to order we started with the Dim Sum Platter which consisted of a taste from each main meal. It was very average and I only found a couple pieces I liked. Also from a health perspective for those who care it was all white pastry and not the healthiest ingredients.

I ordered a freshly squeezed cocktail juice which was amazingly fresh and tasty by far the best thing I had at the lunch. The tea service was also very professionally  and beautifully presented.

For the main courses we ordered:

Marinated tofu oysters in butter lettuce shell with oolong mirin dressing.

Mediterranean vegetable roll over with raosted black olive and raddiccio relish.

O’ways linguine with oven roasted plum tomato and chili oil and arugula salad.

The general feeling around the table was of slight disappointment with the food. The portions sizes were very small and not the most tasty dishes. The vegetable roll over came with a lot of melted cheese over the whole meal which for the healthier people is a negative.

Marinated Oysters were very small and very little flavor at all. Hardly a main course meal.
The O’ways linguine was the best looking meal. Slightly larger portion size and looked and tasted a lot better than both other dishes.

I would definitely go back to O’ways maybe to try a few of their other dishes to get a more comprehensive idea of the food, but if not for the food definitely for their freshly squeezed juices and great services.

Over all a great experience.

20 Dreyer Street, Claremont 7708.

TEL: 021 671 2850

7.30am -5pm. Mon-Fri 9am-2pm Sat


2 Responses to “O’Ways Tea cafe.”

  1. Good Health Tips at 12:38 pm #

    is it a restaurant and where does it locate I mean in which part of the world.

    • veghunter at 10:00 pm #

      It is a restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa.

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