Sheff’s Restaurant

26 Mar

A friend recently recommended visiting Sheff’s which is a Vegetarian restaurant just off Long Street in Cape Town. It is owned and operated by Rastafarians, they were very friendly and welcoming.The restaurant itself is very hard to find, we drove up and down a couple times before spotting it. The name is written on a chalk board which is on the sidewalk.

As you enter the ambiance is obviously very chilled, the staff were dancing and having a good time which is great. The music was great, it seemed like it was uplifting trance. They have tiny seats and tables that look like they are made for children which I am sure they are. So the seating was very uncomfortable because I could hardly fit into the seat and I am not that big.

The menu descriptions looked great. I ordered a Vegetable Hummus Sandwich and my lunch partner ordered the Sheff’s Veggie Burger.

All the ingredients mentioned sounded great and I was excited to see what would come out of the kitchen. The food for me was very average and not very healthy. The bread that was suppose to be a health bread which is was not and was coated with butter and then been put on the grill. The potato wedges were fried and doused in salt. It seemed like they had all the right ingredients but just tried to do too much with them.

My lunch partner’s burger was also not what I would look for in a meal. The bun wasn’t a great quality whole wheat bread. Extremely salty and not actually that tasty. The food is very well priced our meal was R35 and R45 each but they are fairly small portions.

We did only try two meals there so I can only speak for those but the service was great, the people were super friendly and even the Chef came out to ask about our food.

It was a fun experience and maybe I will try out one or two more of their dishes.

Sheff’s is located right off Long Street on Buiten Street on your right hand side.

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