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” let medicine be thy food and food be thy medicine” Hippocrates

This is a place where you can discuss topics, thoughts, opinions, experiences or almost anything you would like to discuss or debate feel free to do it here!

One Response to “Discussion Board”

  1. veghunter at 12:07 pm #

    With out a doubt consumers should know if they are purchasing genetically modified foods. The main reason being is that the producers of these GM foods do not yet understand or know the long term effects these chemicals can have on our bodies and health. Why should the consumer be a test sample for these companies. These are our bodies and we should have the LEGAL right to know exactly what we are putting into our bodies.

    We do not have food boards in place that are competent to monitor this so with out a doubt I want my food to be labeled. Because these companies are all about big business and making money, the consumers health is not a priority at all.

    It would be a crime against humanity to take away the right to label what foods are GM and organic!

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